SMBC - Community Fitness Centre

Cardio Equipment;

2 Treadmills
  • Epic View 550
  • Proform 985cd
2 Elliptical Trainers
  • Star Trac P-TBT
  • Precor EFX746
1 Recumbent Bike
  • Nautilus R614
1 Spin Bike

Strength Equipment;

Multi-Station Gym
  • MultiSports MGVS (abit old but a great machine)
Cable Cross Over
  • PowerLine PCC090X
  • PowerLine BS-PFID125X (2 Benches)
Power Frame
  • PowerLine PPR200X
Squat and Calf Machine
  • Body Solid GSCL360
Roman Chair/Back Extension
  • Body Solid PCH24
Ab Machine
  • Body Solid GAB300
Olympic Weight Bar (2" Dia.)
  • Olympic Plates (over 500lbs)
Standard 1" dia. Weight Plates
  • 1.5lbs to 35lbs plates (over 400lbs)
  • Standard Hexagon Steel from 3lb to 80lb
  • Other; 1.5lb - 3lb
Curl Bars
  • Two Styles
Misc. Kettle bells
  • 2.5lb - 45lb


Resistance tubes
Bosu Balance Trainer
Medicine Balls (4 lb to 12 lb)
Stability Balls (3 sizes)
Battle Rope (50 ft)
Flipping Tire (220lb - Rock Truck Tire)
Aerobic Step (with risers)
Foam Roller
Skipping Ropes (weighted and non-weighted)
Exercise Mats
Ankle/ Wrist Weights
Weightlifting Belts and Gloves